Brie Noel Art

Athen B. Gallery & San Leandro

City of San Leandro


Accessible art is my favorite kind of art. 

In partnership with Athen B. Gallery, I created a mural on a utility box in the city of San Leandro. Aimed at brightening up a utilitarian object in a residential area, I used warm, gentle tones to bring elements of grace to the busy street the utility box resides on without clashing with the road's concrete grays. 


One thing I loved about growing up in England is that most big galleries are free or donation based. I remember going for a jog in London on my last visit home, slipping into a gallery for an hour to look at priceless, world famous pieces of art, then continuing on my jog as if it was nothing. 


Art felt accessible, and it felt valued. 


This is why I loved the San Leandro mural project so much. The mural took something totally functional (a dusty, blockish utility box) and made it art. And it’s art that can be seen by anyone and shared with the local community - it’s on a busy road, there’s no barrier to entry. 


I feel honored to have shared in the creative process with the city and with the passers by, and hope to see (and maybe make?) more art that reduces cost barriers, and reduces the intangible social barriers that sometimes makes art feel elitist and inaccessible. 

Thank you to Athen B. Gallery and to the City of San Leandro for facilitating this wonderful project.