Brie Noel Art

Imperfect Produce HQ

imperfect produce h.q.


Ohhhhh baby, did I love working on this mural.

If you've ever spoken to me for longer than five minutes, you'll have heard how much I love Imperfect Produce. Imperfect Produce work to reduce food waste by redistributing produce that is too ugly (or excess) to be sold through traditional markets.


When the team were moving into their new headquarters - a sprawling renovated warehouse in south San Francisco - they commissioned me to paint a mural on the new headquarter's primary internal wall. 


I worked with the Imperfect team to find inventive ways to merge my signature painting style with their color palette and a produce theme, and we landed on a 40-foot wide mural-scape lilting across the warehouse wall in the company's signature colors.


I painted the entire mural using a signature brush the width of my pinkie. This is not an exaggeration. Creating this mural was a real practice in going into "flow" state - I'd be up a ladder, covered in fuchsia paint, almost in a meditative trance as I painted raspberry after intricate raspberry. The outer palm of my right hand was almost rubbed off, but man, was I happy.  


The mural now serves as a backdrop to the company's main working area, as well as a background for much of their media content. AND A HUGE THANK YOU to the team for facilitating this life-changing experience, and for these snazzy photos.