Brie Noel Art

Facebook HQ

Facebook H.Q.


In the spring of 2018 I painted a two-wall mural at the Facebook headquarters in California. Before beginning the mural, I spent time in the building's surrounding environment, running and hiking in the nearby rolling hills and around the large mass of protected marshland that butts up against the company's campus.


I meditated on the idea of memory and how the sounds and smells of nature imbue our memories with emotion, and I watched small flocks of silvery birds dive and hunt across the marshland that was glut with water from the recent rains.


The mural is broken into three parts, each with three layers; a soft pink amorphous form, beneath a darker, tapered form layered and spotted with vibrants shapes.


Together, the pieces create a sense of movement, hinting at the idea of memory; how an experience that was concrete so quickly becomes layered with loose but vibrant images and ideas that may only slightly match the original experience.


Another intent of the mural was to bring a soft, feminine touch to the headquarters of one of California's largest tech companies.

By pairing soft colors for the underpaintings with bright tones for the detail, I aimed to reflect the juxtaposition of the Facebook campus - with it's technicolored decor - with the surrounding natural environment.