Hey there, art lover.

We might have met. Or maybe not yet. But if you're here, we're connecting through art, and that's why I do this whole thing.

A few years ago I finished my graduate degree in environmental policy at Oxford (near my home town). I knew I wanted to help people connect with nature, but I wasn't sure how. And so began a years-long journey that led me here, to you, and to this work.

My art is rooted in nature, and my work is meant to help people connect to their environment through color and form. The environmental texts I studied, the conservation concepts I learned - everything I absorbed through my years of training feeds into the work I create and forms the foundation that I paint from. 

My hope is that in sharing my work and my voice, I can help us connect in new and interesting ways, and help us (re)connect to our environments.

^ it me

^ it me